Boys in Studio

I have a lot of cute backgrounds and setups for little boys from newborn to school age in my studio. I feel like a lot of studio photography is geared towards girls (which I myself am guilty of… give me all the girly things!) but it’s still fun to switch gears and try a gritty, urban look for the little men in our lives. I can also play with effects and textures in editing as well to give it a more masculine feel.


I have immensely enjoyed having these delicious babes in my studio. Give me alllll the babies. Baby M was about as sweet as they come. I mean… just look at that flower crown!! But those eyes. I could get lost in her absolutely gorgeous almond eyes.

It’s all in the details…

Is there anything better than those sweet details of a new baby… the tiny toes, the little eyelashes. Those chubby kissable cheeks!

It’s no secret that newborn sessions are my favorite, but capturing those tiny details is probably my favorite part of it. It’s the little things you’re going to want to hold onto when you remember those sleepy (or less so) early days when your little babe was brand new.

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