Senior Athletes – Martese

This past weekend, I attended the basketball tournament at Delta High School to watch one of my senior clients play. I couldn’t help but snap a few shots for him to remember his senior year. I love all of my senior clients but this one is a little special to my family. When we first moved here to Fort Greely in 2009, this young man lived a few houses down. He quickly became like part of the family. With getting to know Martese, my boys looked up to him. They watched him over the years and his passion for playing ball. During this time, my boys started to love the game as well. He was always there to step in and help them out when they asked. Thank you Marty for being an outstanding young man. We are so proud of you!


Here are a few of the pictures from the Championship game on Saturday night. Most of them are Marty, but there are a few others mixed in as well.

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Here are a couple others from the game.

DSC_6195-1 DSC_6354-1

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