Caitie & Pete

This beautiful lady flew into Alaska just a few short days before her scheduled engagement session with her fiancé Pete. The day of their original session date it rained and rained. After rescheduling twice, the day was perfect. The weather was clear and the location was AMAZING.
I became even more excited when I saw that Gunner, their dog, had ventured along for the special day.

Caitie and Pete are both big hunters so we were very excited to incorporate that into their session. The mountains you see in the background of the pictures where they are wearing their camo, are pretty special to them. They love to hunt in that area so it was perfect that we were able to work those into their hunting inspired shots.

Caitie and Pete, I wish you many years of  happiness together.
It was truly a honor to be a part of such a special memory in your life together.  You were amazing and so much fun to work with.
Thank you!
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