A Look Back ..

Heather Holbrookgoldsolid

2014 was full of many blessings for myself, my family as well as my photography.

I met a lot of  fabulous new people and captured many memories full of beautiful emotion.

I made the jump from crop and bought my first full frame body…Which I am totally in love with by the way!

I steered away from props except for themed minis, some maternity, and newborn and started focusing more on capturing emotion.

I followed my heart and went in the direction I wanted my photography to go.

With the ringing in of the New Year came even more changes.

Gone are the days of a disc, as I have now made the switch to digital download and STUNNING custom usbs!

I would not be where I am now without the amazing support  I have had from family, friends and clients! I truly cannot thank you enough!

I learned that as a photographer, the best thing someone can call you is “my photographer.”
There is no recognition in the world that beats that feeling.

Before I start posting images for 2015, I want to share with you some my favorites from 2014!

There are some that I may has accidentally missed with so many images to go through..As well as some who asked me not to post the pictures online and I am respecting their decision. 

I hope you enjoy these just as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Now lets take a look back and see how I have grown during the last 12 months… 

DSC_0244-2 copy

DSC_1875-1 copy

DSC_2304-1 copy

DSC_2526-1 copy

DSC_2554-1 copy

DSC_2851-2 copy

DSC_2734-1 copy

DSC_3004-1 copy

DSC_5456-4 copy

DSC_5702-1 copy

DSC_5175-1 copy

DSC_4926-1 copy

DSC_6548-2 copy

DSC_6591-1 copy

DSC_7210-1-4 copy

DSC_7259-2 copy

DSC_7323-1 copy DSC_7371-1 copy

DSC_8277-1 copy

DSC_0785-1 copy

DSC_9398-1 copy

DSC_9817-1 copy

DSC_9366-1 copyDSC_7774-2 copy

DSC_3111-1 copy

DSC_4405-1 copy

DSC_4250-1 copy DSC_4306-2 copy

DSC_0223-3 copy DSC_0279-1bw copy DSC_0342-1 copy

DSC_1773-1 copy DSC_1811-1 copy

DSC_2578-1 copy

DSC_0635-1 copy

DSC_0586-1 copy

DSC_0785-1bw copy DSC_0801-2 copy DSC_0878-2 copy

DSC_1588-1 copy

DSC_1535-1 copy

DSC_2184-1 copy DSC_2187-1bw copy

DSC_1051-1 copy DSC_1097-2bw copy

DSC_0469-1 copy DSC_0519-1 copy

DSC_2080-2 copy DSC_2157-2bw copy

DSC_3004-2 copy DSC_3144-1 copy DSC_3199-1 copy

DSC_3299-2 copy DSC_3396-1 copy DSC_3415-1 copy

DSC_3591-2 copy DSC_3736-2bw copy

DSC_4154-1bw copy

DSC_4386-1 copy DSC_4392-1 copy

DSC_4319-3 copy

DSC_4343-3 copy DSC_4358-2 copy

DSC_4781-2 copy DSC_4896-3 copy DSC_4909-2 copy

DSC_5572-1 copy DSC_5594-1 copy DSC_5610-1 copy DSC_5635-1 copy DSC_5832-1bw copy

DSC_5958-2 copy DSC_6016-2 copy DSC_6041-2 copy

And from my final session of 2014…

DSC_6447-1 copy

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